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This is a list of some of the many resources or organisations that focus on accessibility. 

Accessibility refers to physical access as well as access to information and access to participation. This is important because not only is accessibility a human right, it is also good for communities and businesses. 

We will add to this list as we source more resources to share. We also welcome any feedback. 

"Anyone — particularly in government — who delivers a service to the public has a responsibility to make sure information can be accessed by everyone. Online content must be accessible to provide equal access and equal opportunity to disabled people. It’s a human right."


Travel, transport and parking guide for for Aucklanders who have impairments. 


The Accessibility Tick Programme helps New Zealand organisations become more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities.  When they have their own programme in place, they may seek to be awarded the Accessibility Tick. The tick is a public recognition of an organisation’s ongoing commitment to becoming accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities.


Our aim is for New Zealand to become the most accessible nation in the world. To do this we work with leading organisations and citizens to enable greater accessibility for all, whilst also redefining the way accessibility is thought about and discussed. 

Top Tips: Making Your Social Media Posts More Accessible

Let's Work Together

“We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.”

Stevie Wonder

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