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In the local news:

Glow Up & Show Up event at the Warkworth Library

Raising awareness for Rare Disorders in NZ

It’s not rare to have a rare disorder.

In Aotearoa, more than 300,000 people live with one of 6,000+ rare disorders - that’s similar to the population of a big city like Wellington. But sadly, they all struggle to get the medical help they need, in our current health system.

Families in the area impacted by a rare disorder gathered at midday for a group photo! 

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RD Awareness Event_WW Library_25March.jpg

RICI in the local news!

Local Matters: Disability hub ‘desperately needed’

August 8, 2022


Local Matters: We Say – Time to aim high

August 2, 2022


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"What that boils down to is that there are far too many disabled people and families who are isolated, lonely and excluded from everything, from employment opportunities to venues and events." - Mahurangi Matters, Aug 2022
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