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These LINKS provide information on Disability Support in the greater Auckland region. We hope these will be helpful to you.


We will add more as we are able to. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions. 

From Disability Connect - The disability sector can be complicated to understand so this over-arching guidebook may be useful to families regardless of the age of their loved one.


The role of the Disability Advisory Panel:

Panel members will:

  • identify the issues that are important to people with disabilities

  • provide advice on our regional strategies, policies and plans

  • help us effectively engage with people with disabilities.

To attend or present at a meeting of the Disability Advisory Panel, or find more information, email


"It all starts with you telling us how your day unfolds, where you need support and what can make life better. This is known as a 'needs assessment'. This means getting to know you, understanding you and enabling you to decide on how we support you.


We can help you access a range of Ministry of Health supports and services, and we can talk about your other needs too. Together we’ll create a pathway towards the best life possible for you. Send a referral now so we can start our journey together."


Information about disability services can be hard to find. Our Info Hub will help you find your way through the maze, making it easier to find the information you need.

Let's Work Together

"Alone, we can do so little;

together, we can do so much."  

Helen Keller

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