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RICI is a relatively young charity. We are on a pathway of learning as we break new ground and focus on building fully inclusive communities in the Rodney District.

See our Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025

See our Group Directory for a list of organisations, services and activities, that are available (either locally or on the North Shore) and that provide opportunities for a range of abilities.

Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi

With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive

Our initiatives cover:

  • Inclusive community-building workshops and events

  • Education, outreach & networking with local groups/businesses

  • Creating & distributing resources on Accessibility 

  • Initiating inclusive creativity pockets and social groups

  • Support workshops for disabled people and their whanau

Please contact us if you would like to be involved in our local community projects, or if you would like to offer us an opportunity to connect and share our stories with your group/organisation.  

1. Raising awareness for Inclusion &

18 August 2023, 4.30 - 8.30pm

Snells Beach Community Night

RICI's table display provided information about our mission to promote inclusion and accessibility in Rodney, plus info on inclusive groups, supports and services in our area. It was a great opportunity to share our concerns, our vision and our initiatives, with so many local folk.


9 August 2023, 4pm - RLB Rooms, Elizabeth St Warkworth

Hearing-style Feedback for draft Rodney Local Board Plan

RICI commended the draft RLB plan for expressing the importance of inclusion, accessibility and social cohesion throughout the plan.  Feedback Submission.  RICI in partnership with AIM (Adults in Motion) has proposed to establish an Inclusion Hub in the Shoesmith Hall, Warkworth, and are waiting for feedback on our proposal.


25 March 2023, 10am - 2.30pm.

Rare Disorders Awareness Event at Warkworth Library

Rare Disorders NZ is celebrating Rare Disease Awareness Month 2023 during March this year. The intention is to raise awareness and generate change for people living with rare diseases, their families, and carers. While individual diseases may be rare, it’s estimated that around 300 000 New Zealanders are living with a rare disorder. Collectively, it's not rare to have a rare disorder. 

30 October 2022. Groups & Clubs Expo at Warkworth Town Hall

RICI participated to raise public awareness for our Inclusion Hub proposal (read more here), share our promo material & resources, and network with the general public and other local groups & clubs.


2022/23 Accessibility Planning - Warkworth Museum:

RICI is supporting our local museum to create a more inclusive space, and an accessible destination for Accessible Tourism 

2022/23 - Puhinui Warkworth Centre Plan - RICI proactively contributing to the community engagement process with Community Think. RICI is acknowledged as a part of the ongoing community guidance group, who contributed to the Community Voices Report.


2. Local Networking Opportunities

RICI Committee members are enthusiastic, committed ambassadors for Inclusion in our community. We are happy to consider opportunities to speak at local events and community group meetings - to raise awareness and to share our own stories.


16th August 2023

One Mahurangi Business Association

Retailers' Think Tank, Warkworth

This open event provided an opportunity to share thoughts on Accessible Tourism and the business case for accessibility

7th September 2022

'What is Inclusion' - RICI Presentation. Ursula Christel (Secretary) - invited speaker at Mahurangi Combined Friendship Club.  Mahurangi East Community Centre, Snells Beach

31st August 2022

'RICI's Inclusion Hub Proposal' for a community study project

Short presentation with MahuVision and Womens Centre Rodney, to the yr 11 students, Horizon School, Snells Beach

26th July 2021

Ursula Christel (Secretary) - Invited speaker at Kowhai Coast Lions Club, Warkworth RSA

Retailers think Tank WW_edited.jpg

3. Workshops

Jan 18th, 2023: Cultural Induction with Ngāti Manuhiri - RICI committee and reps from local affiliated organisations that promote inclusion. 

Nov 30th, 2022: Enabling Good Lives (EGL) Workshop at AIM with Care MattersExplaining the new disability funding model to family caregivers. 

Aug 16, 2022: Workshop in a Box activity. RICI committee members' contribution to the Puhinui Warkworth Centre Plan. 

Aug 2nd, 2022: Puhinui Warkworth Centre Plan - Community Engagement Workshop at AIM

'Workshop in a Box' activity with a diverse group of parents, caregivers, staff and disabled persons. 

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